Element Games Ltd is a technology-focused game studio with a team consisting of thirty full-time employees,and with its headquarter in Singapore.
The founding team members come from core communities of CryptoKitties & Axie Infinity,and all are blockchain enthusiasts.
We are committed to developing the best blockchain games and contributing to the GameFi revolution.

Jimmy is involved in all key decisions from product to marketing and leads the company.
He has a mixed industry background of finance,game and blockchain, and used to be responsible for marketing and business operations in Southeast Asia and Latin America for large listed companies.

James leads our engineering team and is responsible for our technical strategy and engineering operations.
He previously worked as a senior software engineer for many large game development companies.

Daisy runs the art team and designed the original Elf. She is responsible for the art direction and many game design concepts.
She has many years of experience as an art director in major game companies.

Noge is responsible for the construction of basic technical architecture and key technical problems.
He has many years of experience in game development and blockchain application development.
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Jimmy Wu / Founder&CEO
James Lang / Co-founder&CTO
Daisy Sun / Co-founder&Art leader
Noge Hekmatyar / Technical expert