Summoning system is a big part of the Elf Matrix universe. It is how new Elves are created.Newly summoned Elves can be used for battling and earning.
The summoning system is similar to the reproduction of biological offspring in the real world, but regardless of gender, a new Elf can be summoned by the combination of two Elves.
Elf summoning is limited to seven times in order to control excessive growth.As the number of Elf summoning increases, the fees will also increase.

The heredity and mutation of summoned Elf is mainly based on the elements and genes of the "parents".The general rule is that the better the basic information of "parents", the greater the probability of producing quality offspring, which is similar to traditional genetics.
Heredity: In normal circumstance , some features of the two Elf parents will be inherited;
Mutation: In special conditions, unexpected features will appear.
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Summoning System