Elf Body
Every Elf has six body parts and a body color,with each body part carring two genes.

The six body parts of an Elf are as follows:
  • Ears
  • Eyes
  • Head
  • Horns
  • Mouth
  • Tail
Head, Horns, Mouth and Tail determine an Elf's ability cards.Understanding the abilities is the key to unlock battle prowess.
Each body part has an element type,namely Body Part Element.The consistency of Body Part Element and Elf Element determine the Elf purity.The more body parts of the same element type as the Elf,the higher the Elf purity.Higher purity usually means stronger ability.
If you get an Elf with 100% purity,then congratulations,it may become a legend in battling.

Elf Element determines the body color.
Elves of the same element type may have different body colors,but all are in the same color family.

For each body part, an Elf possesses two genes: a dominant (D) and a recessive (R).
The dominant(D) gene is what determines the body part that is physically present on the Elf.
When summoning, each gene has a chance to be passed down to offspring:
Dominant (D): 40% chance to pass this gene to offspring.
Recessive (R): 10% chance to pass this gene to offspring.
Combining element types ,body parts, body colors and genes results in almost infinite unique Elves.
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